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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jesus is Greater

Today on Easter Sunday our church wrapped up our sermon series 'Jesus > Religion' with Jesus > Everything. Jesus is greater. Jesus is greater than my struggles, suffering, success, and darkest secrets. Jesus has redeemed all of this. He is greater than the temptations of this world. Those temptations provide us with a choice to do right or wrong, and our lives are driven by those choices. However, his sacrificial and selfless death spares us from having to be chained to the poor choices that we will make for our entirety, we are given grace, a way out. On Friday we morned Jesus' death and today we celebrate His coming back to life. Sin, sickness, death, and suffering does not win. Jesus is greater.

Thank you Lord for the grace you have shed on my life through the times I have chosen to act out of selfishness, anger, and jealously. Thank you for continuing to humble me through revealing these parts of my character and for not holding my actions against me. Thank you for your unconditional love and grace despite my many imperfections. It is through your death that I have this gift, this blessing to let go of guilt and move forward, to lean into the awkwardness of mending cut ties and restless situations. 

Jesus is greater than everything.

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