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Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Chevron Wall Art

Before last summer I honestly cannot say I knew what the chevron pattern was. I would guess if I saw it I wouldn't spend much time looking, label it 'zig-zag' and move on. Like Bunting Banners, this is something I've sorta obsessed with, credit going to Pinterest. Here's a small sampling of the things I love~ 

While on Pinterest I saw a fun and simple wall art project created by Jess over at Make Under My Life

Materials need:

  • canvas(s)
  • painter's tap (1") 
  • stencil  <---CLICK! 
  • Tack
  • paint

Place stencil on canvas, use a thumb take to mark points of chevron pattern (poke through stencil and canvas).

Place tape on canvas according to holes created. 

Paint canvas between tape, let sit until completely dry. 

Over all I thought this was a great afternoon project! However, the one fear I had came true, the paint leaked under the tape despite my strong attempts to not make that a possibility. Fortunately it's not too noticeable when hung on the wall. Next time I might try the Frog brand painter's tape, I have heard great things about it! 

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