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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

23 Week Check-In

Those silly tired eyes are back... This week is the first week back from Spring break! I LOVED having the time off for all my projects (and some sleeping) but by the end I was really itching to get back to school. I was mentally preparing myself to enter the kindergarten battlefield of 20 vs. 1 but to my surprise and blessing my students have been incredibly enjoyable, loving, caring, hardworking, and fun! They were all genuinely ready and excited to be back in school. Hearing all of the, "I missed you!" and receiving a countless number of random hugs has been so precious. However, though they have been fabulous I'm exhausted! Did not think I'd lose my stamina so quickly! With only four weeks left in the 2nd trimester (the trimester typically known for it's energy) I guess I just need to accept that this tired state is my new norm in life.

Since Saturday I've been consistently feeling Gabriel kick/punch/move! On Saturday Chris even got to feel the little guy move around a bit! For the last 20 weeks I have known I was pregnant but haven't really felt him moving in there... For now it's kinda nice to have the daily affirmation. I know there will be a day that the moving is no longer fun. :)

My biggest current craving is watermelon! I've been craving it since the beginning but haven't been able to eat a watermelon until recently!  Cereal is still a big one but I've always been a cereal person. I'm also patiently not so patiently waiting for fresh corn!

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