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Friday, March 30, 2012

Thanks for Sharing Baby!

Within seconds it was very obvious as to what gender little baby is, the technician said she'd put money on it, it's a BOY!

It was exciting to see our baby look like a baby, count toes, see him yawn, but that only lasted a few minutes. I did a zumba toning class right before and the squat twists must of tweaked my back a tad because laying on that stiff bed slowly turned into torturous pain. I can tolerate pain decently but man oh man what a test this was! I just kept telling myself that it was a warm-up to August 7th. It took all I had to simmer the agony down to quiet tears and a quivering lip as it felt like daggers where coming up through the table twisting into my lower back. Can I get that epidural now please? Chris was very concerned, he'd never seen that kind of pain in my eyes, he kept asking if I was alright, I just shushed him... I didn't want a lot of attention brought to it because I hate being difficult. I laid there with my eyes closed concentrating on my breathing while the technician navigated my tummy narrating everything on the screen. It was unfortunate that rather than soaking in the moment we were both anxiously awaiting it to be over. Either way, we're both thrilled and not the least bit surprised that there is yet another male addition to Christopher's family line. From the beginning I have said girl but have also stated to Christopher that it was more to will baby into being a girl since I knew the track record ranked a girl lower than an underdog in odds.

We learned that everything looks good, measurements are all what they "should" be. Baby is a pound plus or minus a couple ounces and right on track for our due date!

As far as a name goes we've had Gabriel Luka picked out for years. Neither of us can quite remember how it was formulated.

Though bummed I wont be crafting up any girly ruffley and frilly things, I'm ecstatic to raise a son with Christopher to grow up to be a strong man of the Lord. Our future boy has a good model in Christopher, no doubt. Thank you Lord for blessing us with a son, we pray that you equip us and teach us how to raise Your child into the man You desire him to be.


  1. Yea! A boy! What a sweet little fellow you guys will have! Excited for Gabriel Voth to join your family in person!
    Boys are still fun to craft for! I'm heading to Hancock right now to pick out some blues!!! Hooray Lena and Chris! We love you guys!

  2. All of us Roy 'girls' are extremely happy for you both...loving the name as well!!! Excited to see that belly of yours continue to grow! Love ya girl...Jen :)

    1. Thanks Jen! I have been so excited I haven't been able to sleep much the last two nights! Then pair that with spring break projects flooding my mind! :)


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