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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nursery Planning Begins!

Yesterday a fabulous parcel arrived on our door step, a 6' by 4' world map! Chris and I have always been fascinated by the world. In our lives pre-knowing one another missions and global trips have been a big part of our lives and since meeting we have ventured to new continents together. We're intrigued by culture, passionate about social justice throughout our world and support a number of NGOs that focus globally. We hope to instill a heart for all nations in our children through education and experience, and for this reason we figured we begin fostering that from the get-go and have a world/travel theme flow through our nursery!

This is the picture of the large map that is on Amazon (picture from We're still tossing around ideas as to how to mount it on our own wall. Do we want to have an actual frame? Do we keep the paper map exposed so we can write on it making note of places we have traveled as a family? Do I cut the map up and place it into several frames and then hang those frames up? 

In one week I'll be on spring break and operation 'Nursery' will be in full swing! The day before break starts we'll be finding out the gender of this little bun, the timing is absolutely wonderful! Until then I'll be busy searching Pinterest and brewing up my own ideas to incorporate. If you make any discoveries appropriate for our nursery please share! 

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