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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Husband's Genius Re-Purposed Garden Tool

We still in disbelief that we're homeowners. It's exciting getting to do whatever we want with our house but a lot of those projects can have a large price-tag attached. With a baby on the way and desiring to be good stewards of the income the Lord has blessed us with, we work with a budget while trying to be thrifty.

This weekend we worked on our yard, planting flowers/bulbs, racking, pulling weeds, and prepping beds for our vegetable garden. Chris was digging up the grown for our veggie garden and mentioned that having a sieve would make his job easier. I couldn't think of a substitute so I just mentioned that he could go buy one since we'd probably use it enough, but instead he went and poked around the garage. No sooner had he entered did he exit with a contraptions made from a wire shelf and some scrap wood left over from the kitchen refinish (which by the way is still in the beginning stages)!

He's my creative engineer, love that geniuses of his! That shelf came with our house and has been sitting in the garage this whole time, to re-purpose it was fabulous! To make the sieve Chris made a wood frame that he screwed together then used a staple gun to attach the frame to the wire shelf. Do you have any creative and super handy tools you've created? 


  1. My husband made a creative rock sifter years ago he took an old drier (electric) cut sections out of the drum and replaced it with wire mesh, then we would shovel dirt and rocks into the drum with the power on and presto rocks separated fromthe dirt. Made a lot of noise though so we later abandoned it for a simple wood frame with the wire mesh that we are still using.

    1. Linda, that sounds amazing! Oh man! How did you lug that thing around? I imagine it would be terribly noisy but probably got the job done much quicker!


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