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Saturday, March 31, 2012

HELLO Spring Break!

Though we aren't heading anywhere warm like many of my co-workers (Florida, California, Las Vegas) I am excited to stay in the area to get my projects and task done/started but I do wish it wont rain all week like the forecast predicts! Here's just a short snippet of my 'To-Do' list...

We'll see how I do. I love scratching items off so hopefully publicly displaying such a list we give me a big push to be productive! Should have 'sleep, sleep, SLEEP' on there but with baby Gabriel growing so much I don't think it will be hard to remember that one. :)


  1. That's quite some list Lena...don't stress if you don't get it all done and one thing I don't see on there is time for you and the man!!
    Have a great vacation, sweetie!

    1. :) Chris doesn't have time for me this week... not his say, work's say. We were going to take a short little three day getaway trip but work denied him leave. His BIG and FINAL step in qualifying is at the end of the week so he'll be living at work getting prepared.


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