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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Half Way Already?! 20 Weeks

WOW, where has the time gone?! maybe it doesn't feel like 20 weeks yet since I didn't start talking about the pregnancy publicly until 16 weeks. AND next week we have our ultra-sound appointment to find out the gender of  little baby! Baby now has working taste-buds, can you believe it?!

Last week as I was walking around my classroom one of my students gently touched my belly while passing me and says, "high-five baby!" Gosh I have an awesome class!

I'm at that point in my pregnancy where people who I do not know are asking me if I'm expecting and are just coming right up and touching my stomach. I find it sweet and affectionate when people I know do so, but strangers catch me off guard a tad. I do not feel the baby moving in there enough to feel like they are saying hello to our baby, it just feels like they are saying, "hello bloated tummy!" On that same note my emotions, smell sensitivity and energy levels are telling me I am pregnant but I still feel like I'm just getting a belly. Fortunately many woman have lead with, "you are too skinny everywhere else to not be pregnant," when starting the 'are you expecting' conversation. One of my students' dad's walked into class the other week and before he had two feet in the door I hear this, "WHOO YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Chris was surprised with his gutsy-ness, apparently that is typically a 'no-go' zone for men.

In two weeks I have spring break, and this is when I hope to start figuring out our nursery! We posted to Craigslist this weekend and have some big item being purchased and moved out this week just for this reason.

Last night I purchased a world map roughly 6'x4' to be placed above the crib, we're going for a travel theme and going to keep it as gender neutral as possible with a few gender specific accents. More on the nursery and our inspirations to come!

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