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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter {Spring} Garland

Hello! I'm still here, it is just report card season in good old kindergarten. :)

This Saturday it was snowing cotton balls! Of course this calls for catching snowflakes, you can't waste those babies! Though it was fun to play a little in the snow, we're totally ready for spring!

Last April I posted a blog titled 'Last Minute Easter Inspiration' which I went back and looked through recently. I've been wanting to make the easter egg garland but that required me obtaining a few paint chips from the hardware store. The thought of this has always made me uncomfortable. I have taken loads of paint samples since we have bought our house but that was for the purpose of potentially buying paint. The idea of taken the samples without intending to buy paint was really hard for me... I was afraid someone would ask me what I was painting and I wouldn't be able to answer... When I went for it Chris asked me what I was getting all the samples for, I rambled about getting color ideas for the nursery. When we hit the parking lot outside of the store I broke and told Chris that the samples were actually for a craft, he busted out laughing. Ugh.

Thank goodness all the uncomfortableness and anxiety build-up was worth it, love the sweet touch of spring the garland adds to our mantel.

First decide which paint samples you want to use and how you want to order them. Next, fold a piece of paper in half and sketch out half of an egg shape, cut it out and unfold. Trace the paper egg pattern onto a piece of cardboard (I used a cereal box). To get all the white stripes to line up on the garland, place the cardboard stencil on top of a color sample and mark where you want the white line to always fall. Trace the stencil onto each sample, cut out, hole punch twice on the top and string!

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