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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Master Bath Facelift

Our master bath has been an incredible eye sore to us since, well, May when we became the owners of our lovely home. Ultimately we want to lay down tile (out with that dated linoleum!), pull out the shower and replace that with tile, take off the Formica counter and pour a concrete top artistically customized by us, install a raised sink, update light fixtures, and replace the trim. Oh do we have visions! Realistically, the time frame for all that to take place is a couple years... For now a paint job does/needs to do the trick!

I have this thing with painting rooms, when I am standing in one room, the colors in that room need to flow with the colors of the rooms I can look into from that location. What this means is that while standing in the master bathroom those colors need to fit with the master bedroom and visa-verca. Since the master is a green color I figured a blue or beige color would do best. A lavender crossed my mind at one point but I figured for the sake of Chris I'll keep away from that.

After our wall sample, we picked the darker blue, named Nostalgia, for the the ways and the lighter blue for the ceiling. 

 I kinda forgot about the before pictures but here is the picture of the bathroom that was taken for the sale~

Here is our after~ 

Nothing to awe inspiring I know, but MAN does it make a difference for us! The new color has elevated some of our resentment towards the bathroom. I cannot WAIT to one day blog about some actual remodel how-tos. So many dream, so little of a budget to work with... Such is the life of a young-married-homeowing couple. I need to look into some bathroom decor pieces to make the space come together a touch more. What do you use to 'decorate' your bathroom? Cannot wait to do away with that orange wood...


  1. Pretty color- turned out well. And I like your shower head :-)

    1. Thanks! And it's nice to have a shower head suited for our height!

  2. Hey I like how it looks. I just saw this in a blog and though of your feeling of the ugly orange wood so I thought I would share. I feel you could handle a task of panting an awesome design on the vanity.
    Sarah Roberts


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