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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Husband Has a New Toy!

The other week was Christopher's birthday! For some time now he has been diligent in budgeting for a new tool. That money, along with his gift money, provided him the amount he needed to buy a fancy paint sprayer!

He's already researching painting cabinets! Oh yes, the dream is within reach! Can you just picture those beautiful crisp white cabinets contrasted with the blue speckled black granite and Sparkling Lake (blue) walls?!! If you don't remember one of the first things I asked Chris about, when we were going through the buying process of this house, was if we could paint the solid oak cabinets white. It was a pretty funny exchange of dialog. If you click---> here <--- you'll not only get to read that short convo but also see the beautiful pictures of some of the kitchens that have inspired me!

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