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Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Curtains {Kitchen Curtains}

Remember my fabric fiasco? That was all over making new curtains for our kitchen sink window. If you have visited our house, it does not take long to notice how ridiculous some of our curtains are. It was nice to have something come with the house but after staring at them for almost nine months we are dying to begin replacing them, blinds included!

Yes, that is double stick tape used by the previous owners to create curtains.

These are a touch fancier, used a simple pin to attach some trim to bunch the "curtains." 

Do you see why spending three snow days in my house made me come to the end of my rope with our curtains? I've never made curtains before but through surfing Pintrest I learned about curtain clip rings! {$5 at Lowes}

Though I was excited to sew, I haven't sewn since spring of 2010 when I made my wedding veil. Discovering these clip rings gave me so much comfort because sewing curtains became just a matter of sewing some basic panels! 

First I measure how big I wanted my finished product to be then I incorporate 1.5 inches to the left and right sides and 2.5 inches to the top and bottom. I love doing this math and drawing pictures of it! It kind of reminds me of a working backwards problem: I want my panels to be X" by Y" but the width needs to be cut to the length of 1.5"+X"+1.5" and the height needs to be cut to the length of 2.5"+Y"+2.5" to make sure I have enough material to sew clean edges! 

After cutting my fabric to the appropriate dimensions I folded, pinned, and ironed down 1/2" of fabric on all four edges, pressing down the side edges first (not top and bottom of curtain).

Next, press under 1"on the sides of the panel. I used a straight stitch (yes, these are so simple) to stitch the hems in place on the folded under edge.

Once the sides are finished, press under two inches on the top and bottom and straight stitch the pressed under raw edge (the 1/2" you originally pressed under). 

Iron them out and there it is! I'm sure this isn't technically the "proper" way to sew basic curtain panels but boy did it work for me! Totally satisfied. 

The curtain rod we bought was roughly $15 also from Lowes! It's just one of the many curtains, but boy of boy is it a start! The color in the curtains will pop more once our cabinets are white! Yes, we WILL paint our cabinets white! I know I mentioned it before but now it is actually going to happen! Chris is getting a paint sprayer in a few weeks so we'll  hopefully start that process next month!

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  1. Love this, I am trying to do the same thing with the window in our living room. This was a huge help with the ring part.


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