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Monday, February 20, 2012

Crafting with a Wine Bottle

I believe I saw something like this on Pinterest (surprised) but cannot quite remember where or when... I love bottles and vases. My husband tries to recycle them before I snag them to save for later. He has started asking what I'm going to/use them for, to which I typically do not have a reasonable or thought out explanation... How am I supposed to know? I'll just know when I know right? I am thankful he entertains my crafting ambitions.

This is a project that I had to do in two parts. The first time I sat down with my glue gun, twine, and bottle  I only managed to get up a couple inches from the bottom. The task was too mundane for me to keep going. Flash forward a few weeks, add recovering from a nasty GI virus and you have an antsy crafter who can't do much of anything, but that person can sit on a couch and complete a mundane task. The only difficulty with this craft would be to not burn yourself. You'll have to gage how much glue you can lay down at a time before it hardens. When getting the twine started it takes a little longer to get it in place which means using a short length of hot glue.

In the end, I love the texture it adds to the decor in our house and am glad I finished it. My husband is happy I finished it too, it means there is one less finished project sitting around the house! 

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