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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Us vs Weekend Projects

Last Friday left Chris and I very excited and revved up for two specific house projects, but unfortunately Saturday put a damper on them. Lets begin with the fabric shall we? 

I bought this fabric back in August. I didn't originally plan on purchasing it, as I was walking to the counter to get my selected fabrics cut I saw it in the bin ready for re-shelving and I had to have some! I did not have plans for it until Friday, but come to find out I didn't have enough! Easy fix though right, just go back to Joann's and buy some more... I honestly thought this would be an 'easy fix.' After looking on the shelves for 15 minutes I finally asked someone. That resulted in looking for another 5-10 minutes. After about a half hour I was accepting the fact that my fabric was no longer stocked. Instead of moving on I battled a tantrum and even warned Chris that I was about to have a tizzy-fit. Chris ask what a tizzy-fit was and I told him he didn't want to find out... You see, I had build up in my head that this was the perfect pattern, the only pattern fit for the project. After about an hour, poor Chris, I found a second fabric I thought would be acceptable, not perfect but I could deal. 

Let us move onto the painting. We picked three colors to sample and Chris put the colors on the wall. Originally at Lowe's I picked one color, but thought it might be too dark so I picked a choice 'a' and 'b.' Should not have second guessed myself, Nostalgia (paint color name, I love paint color names) was unanimous.

We had the color picked so all we had to do was go buy a can of it right? Yeah, sure, we were able to buy a can. HOWEVER, that can of paint didn't stretch far enough along so the 'easy fix' is to just go back to the store and by another of course.... Nope. Both local Lowe's, two separate towns, were out of the base paint we needed. We were informed that it will be at least a week. 

It's having good intentions that counts right? Slow and steady. :) 


  1. Did you try the Joann's in Port Orchard?? They might have it in their discontinued fabric or?

    1. No... After spending all that time in the Silverdale one, I was just done with Joann's haha. We should have gone their for more paint too but again, didn't want to drive to PO and instead opted to just wait... :)

  2. hahaha, "tizzy-fit." Allen knows when I'm about to have a break-down (usually about something similar to your fabric story)... Anyway, the new fabric is gorgeous! What is the room you are painting? Maybe you can make pillows, or something, with the original fabric? Or some sort of wall art?

    1. I'll be posting about the room soon! Yeah, the fabric may work nicely in the living room when we redo it.


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