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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to School Math Stations {Free Download!}

After being out of school for two weeks my kiddos jumped back into math through a spiffed up review using a math centers rotation.

I wanted to review numbers 10-20, patterns, and graphing with my kiddos on an independent level with activities they hadn't seen before.

I saw all these activities on a blog by Kathleen over at Growing Kinders. Her versions were Christmas themed and since we are post New Years now, I altered them to be winter themed.

This was a simple spinner I put together in a word document. I Modeled to the students how to use an unsharpened pencil and paperclip to make a spinner! Which ever image the spinner stops on the students fill in a square on the chart above that image (chart also created in word).

You can download the spinner by clicking HERE!
You can download the chart by clicking HERE!

This activity is pretty self explanatory. I quickly drew up some scarfs and then had a basket of markers and crayons on the center of the table. The students got to use their favorite colors to created the patterns listed.

The favorite activity of the day: snowman number search with bingo daubers! I drew a snowman outline on a piece of paper and then filled it with the numbers 10-20. I bought some foam dice at our local teacher store and drew my own dots on them (5-10 dots per die, two dice per student). The daubers came from the dollar store! I was a tad nervous thinking they might not work very well but they were perfect! During the modeling of this activity I stressed that daubers do not need to be slammed down on the paper, of course there was still some splatter. Kinders :)

The students liked extending these patterns to the point where their pattern would grow off the card and off the table!

After recess my students want to keep doing these activities!

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