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Sunday, January 22, 2012

23 in 23

This past year I experienced my 'golden year.' On January 23, 
2011 I turned 23. With my 24th birthday coming up tomorrow I thought it only appropriate to reflect on this last year covering 23 happenings in my 23rd year~

(no particular order)

  1. Celebrated my birthday in Japan
  2. Ate sushi for the first time
  3. Visited Beijing
  4. Became the owners of an SLR camera
  5. Experienced Sapporo's 62nd annual Winter Festival
  6. Re-learned how to knit 
  7. Started an Etsy account
  8. Freshly Pressed
  9. Evacuated out of a country
  10. Became a kindergarten teacher
  11. Bought a house
  12. Became a pet owner
  13. Successfully baked homemade bagels
  14. Saw the play Wicked 
  15. Visited Canada for the first time
  16. Saw the play Cinderella
  17. Found a new church home
  18. Made new friends
  19. Experienced Doe Bay music festival
  20. Hiked Mt. Townsend 1.25 times 
  21. Enjoyed my first Christmas on my husband's side of the family
  22. Had our first Christmas tree as a couple
  23. Began sponsoring a child, her name is Augusta 

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