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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Five Blog Posts of 2011

#1~ March 4th: May I Live in a Blossom Park Please?! 

This blog had 1,792 hits! I remember waking up thinking something HORRIBLE happened to my blog account because of course those couldn't have been real views. Well, they were. I was Freshly Pressed with that blog post! This was when I used to be blogging over at Wordpress. It was a huge compliment and made for a joyous time before the horrible storm....

#2~ The March 11th Earthquake: 5th Largest Ever Recorded

Yep, this being the horrible storm. Not surprised this was one of my top blogs of 2011. That blog post actually helped me process through a lot of what was filling up my mind. A tragic day that I still struggle to put into words. I sometimes question myself as to whether we actually experienced that. Much of it felt like an out of body experience.

#3~ Leaving Kicking and Screaming

This post shares a glimpse into the chaos and uncertainty of what followed the earthquake. It is here that we announced we were evacuating back to the United State unsure as to what that looked like.

#4~ Welcome to Our New and First Home!

Our seemed to be changing in the blink of an eye. No sooner had we evacuated back to the US had we started searching for a house to BUY! After a few weeks we were blessed in finding a house and beginning the process to become the new owners.

#5~ My First Giveaway

After seeing many giveaways on different blogs I follow I decided I'd hold my own! It was a fun experience and one I haven't done for awhile, hmmm.

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  1. I love love love all your blog posts! :D I need to be better about mine, but I usually think of it when I'm a) in the shower, b) at work, c) trying to fall asleep at night. So many ideas and things I want to post about! I'm so lame. Good for you for sticking with it so well!


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