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Friday, December 30, 2011

Out with the Old, in with the... ... ?

I love Christmas. I love the celebration of Jesus, the joy, the giving, the sharing, the hope, the love, Christmas. In addition to this, I also love decorating for Christmas!

My mom ALWAYS had a house beautifully decorated: garland up the staircase, in the window sills, and around the top of the cabinets, 10 foot tree covered in hundreds of ornaments that each have a story, lovely ceramics galore, candles on all surfaces and lights that outlined the different structures on our property. Reminiscing about my mother's Christmas touches makes me smile as I write this.

Though this was our second Christmas as a marriage couple, this was our first year to truly decorate (last year we were too busy moving out of our apartment to move to Japan). If  I had it completely my way, I would have started decorating the day after Halloween, however I respected my husbands wishes and waited till after Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is a look into what our house has looked like for the past month:

Unfortunately with New Years Eve upon us, all this Christmas-ness will be heading back up to the attic within the next couple days until next year. Where do I go from here? After having such a festive and seasonally decorated house, how can I go back to nothing? What do you replace your Christmas decorations with? Do you default to winter decorations? Or are those too Christmas-y? It's too early for Valentines day isn't it? I mean, they are selling well up to Easter in the stores but for your home? What are your thoughts?! What do you do?!


  1. I don't know what I'll do (not tons of decorating room/opportunity in a 1-bedroom apartment...) but at home, my mom always goes to the winter decorations. Lots of frosty whites, and light pink (for example, the mantel has white-frosted garlands, with little light pink roses). Since Christmas is full of red and green and colors, I think having the more muted colors definitely make it just "winter." Then, it's easy to transition to February, and add more bright pinks and reds and less white! (of course, you could do any color. White and light blue would be pretty.)

    Ok, now I'm really jealous and want to do more decorating. :D

  2. I go back to what I had up before...just my regular decorations, items. I have grad pictures on my mantle and a huge picture by Georgia O'Keefe that rests on it. I have to take off all these things when I decorate for Christmas! I don't take down any Christmas stuff until after Jan. 5th...which is a family tradition and the day the wise men reached the baby Jesus. Its called in some families "the little Christmas" and is somewhat celebrated with a special meal and sometimes little gifts.


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