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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally, The {New} Buffet

Way back in July we bought a very dated looking buffet at the Goodwill for $14.99.

Though we wanted to use the buffet as soon as we bought it, we refused to put it in our house without a little face lift. It took us a month to get around to sanding it...

Of course once it was sanded it felt like we were almost there! But then it took us over a month to begin the painting process!

Three coats of paint (one done by both of us and the rest done by Christoper) and two coats of polycrylic (a protective coating we bought at Michael's craft store using 40% coupons) later (which was another month and a half) we had a finished buffet!

The entire time we thought we were going to put the buffet under the window next to the fridge. Though it fit in length perfectly, it made the area feel crammed. We tried it against the adjacent wall under the photos you see below but that too felt crammed AND made it so the table was not centered under the light (type A sometimes).

For kicks we tried it on the wall opposite the window next to the bathroom door.

We decided we love it there! For wanting it in our house so bad it took us a total of roughly four months to finish! My goodness! And about two months to post about it... Right now it's covered with a beautiful Christmas village and other Christmas goodness. It's perfect though I'm still contemplating doing a stencil on the top. Over all the buffet cost us $40-$50 including original cost, paints and sprays. Not bad all!



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