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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rediscovered Bucket List

Recently as I was working on school work something (who knows with me... such random thought paths...) sparked a memory of once starting a '100 Things I Want to do Before I Die' list. I wanted to find it. Surprisingly it did not take much time to stumble across it. It has been probably two-three years since I have looked at this list I created four years ago and am excited to announce that without realizing it I have crossed off 9 of the listed 51! Here they are:

5. Become a wife     June 19, 2010
16. Kiss in the rain     2009
20. Get my license     May 2010
23. Try lobster     2009, Chris had a lobster pasta in Australia and I had a few bites
33. Go scuba diving @ the Coral Reef in Australia     2009, it was snorkeling but totally satisfying
35. Go to a rodeo     2009 and 2011
43. Sell a piece of art I created     Etsy 2011
46. Disciple someone    
50. Walk the Great Wall of China     February 2011

This just blows my mind. How I can make a list four years ago, have it slip my mind for almost three years yet still accomplish all of these! Life is truly a blessing.

Do you have a bucket list? How many have you accomplished? Do any feel silly to you now? My number 9 is to go hunting and shoot a deer... Don't remember thinking up that one! :)

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  1. I did the same thing upon stumbling across mine from junior high. Its funny to look at because although i was able to cross off a few (get license, married, car etc) I learned I had really LOW hopes in junior high...haha..I think its time to shoot a little higher :)Your post just made me laugh
    ~Kendra L.


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