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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RE: Mantel Business

Back to the Mantel... On our way back from Pullman in October Chris and I stopped at our favorite fruit and antique store (well, Chris stops for the cheap ARCO gas...) in Thorp. While browsing the antique store I had my eyes pealed for a sweet coat rack backed with a mirror I saw two years ago. I knew it was unrealistic to think it was still there but I had to look!

The rack wasn't there... however we found a display piece we both loved! A few months ago I was so close to buying an antique glass-paned door for $20 off Craigslist (such a steal!) and since then I have been on a hunt with no success. It was not a door we found, but it was a beautiful window!

This treasure has been sitting in the garage for a month and a half until last weekend when I brought it inside and started holding it up to the wall in different areas in the house. Above the mantel was one of my last choices, but when I placed it there I immediately called for Chris!

We have been wracking our brains trying to figure out how to fill that large empty spot above the mantel. We've looked high and low for an art piece in our area and were never left completely satisfied.

But how to mount it? Unsurprisingly Chris and I both had different ideas. I imagined hanging it in a way that created the illusion that it was hanging by a bow with ribbon while Chris pictured museum style.

Logistically I believe Chris's idea is more realistic. I'm probably going to wind up trusting him, which typically works out. :) Thoughts?

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