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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Museum Style it is

After much discussion and contemplating done by Christopher, he decided that the best logistical way to go would be to hang the window from the ceiling (see draft of what the two options were). To do this Chris needed to purchase some drywall anchors, eyelets, and wire. The drywall screws were necessary because of the weight of the window. Here is a picture of the back of the bag for the anchors so you can see the diagram of how it works. With out these, the anchors screws would be pulled out of the ceiling by the weight of the window.

Chris placed two drywall anchors into the ceiling spaced apart to match the distance between the two eyelet screws in the window. Once the drywall anchors were in the ceiling Chris screwed in the eyelet screws into the anchor screws and then hung wire from the ceiling eyelets and strung the wire through the window eyelets!

Did you follow all that? Thankful for my husband and all his knowledge.

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