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Monday, November 21, 2011

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Prep

On Wednesday we will be having a grand feast in kindergarten, complete with crock pot corn bread, turkey roll ups, pop corn, fruit salad, and baby carrots. However, before we even think of lining our tables into a long row where we sit down and share a meal together we had to make some place mats!

Talking about what being thankful meant was probably one of the more challenging things for me this year thus far. How do you explain that to a five year old? When I asked the kiddos what they were thankful for I also said, "what makes your feel really good inside? Something your know is special to have in your life." Here is what they said:

Once we brainstormed what we were thankful for it was off to work we went!

I couldn't get a finished product of any of their mats without their names on it so unfortunately the only one you get to see is mine.

It was a precious morning learning what was important to these big hearted little guys. Love them.

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