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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Who hit up some pre-Christmas craft sales this weekend?! THIS GIRL!

I couldn't help myself, there was a great sale on paper, punches, and plain glass ornaments! Pair that with a coupon and a teacher's discount and you have bliss.

For a craft seeking gal like me, Christmas is a holiday I thrive off of! Paper and glue guns and glitter, OH MY!

My "perfectly" decorated trees displays the splendid balance of burlap, ornaments constructed of antique music papers (thanks mom!) and japanese book pages, felt, and shimmer.

Here are just a taste of the Christmas goodness that has inspired me!

On another note, with Christmas pre-sale shopping comes post Halloween sale shopping!

Anyone else starting to plan for Christmas? :)


  1. Definitely been planning since summer! But, I have such little time after work :( And I'm committed to finishing the Christmas cards before getting onto the rest of the crafts! Once I get through the "creative" part, I get bored with the actual "execution" part (ie: I did the design literally months ago, but have yet to actually make the final copy, and put together the "real" ones!)...

    Anyway, it wasn't until almost the last picture that I realized those were ideas, and NOT photos of things you had already made! I was seriously impressed (and incredibly jealous) at everything you had done, haha!

  2. cool! I especially like the ornaments. Are those papers inside or outside? I did a craft last year with Hermeling's class where we drizzled paints inside of clear glass bulbs and let them dry, then put the cap back on. Some were really cool. It works if you don't do a lot of paint and some kids didn't follow instructions, needless to say! But you could also sprinkle glitter inside. If I have one around somewhere I will bring to show you!
    I admire your getting an early start. I need to think about my tree this year as I'm dedicating it to my granddaughter Isabella who will be having her first Christmas this year so I've been looking for all pink things for our tree. I've already collected some different colored pink bulbs from the Salvation army and will be visiting the thrift stores again this Friday (yay we are off that day) and getting an early start doing that before I have to set up for my bazaar this weekend. Most of it I will probably have to I will be busy too! Thanks for the inspiration!! Take pics and share!

  3. Rosanne,
    Since summer?! Man, I wish I thought that far ahead! Do you have a theme?

    The paper is mod podge on the outside of the ornament!


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