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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Conference Week for a First Year Teacher

Not only did conference week kick off this Friday but Christopher also had his second comp exam. No need to get into all the details of what that means, all you need to know is that he has 2-3 hour quizzes each week and every 2 months he has a 6+ hour comprehensive exam. This is all part of the qualification process which will be finished this spring. Because Friday was going to be such a big day both Chris and I had late nights in our respectable places.

Chris took a break from study to pick up the truck (needed a new starter...) and on his way back to work he stopped by real fast to drop off a space heater and movies.

Thought I am at school at this time in the morning (head in after dropping the husband off at the bus) this is evening. This is when my delivery came. 

Boy did that space heater and the movie perk up my evening! 

Time to go home. 

I held seven conferences on Friday afternoon. BOY did that 20 minutes go by fast! I scheduled 10 minutes between conferences and I did not have one of those breaks, just went straight through from parent to parent. Having student evidence addressing each state standard completely took the pressure off. I also used this handy dandy form to highlight and address classroom behavior, just highlighted the areas appropriate for the students and that directed the conversation. 

Name: _________________________________
Date: __________________________________

Scoring Guide for Characteristics of Cooperative and Responsible Learners
·   Takes turns
·   Shares materials
·   Accepts others efforts
·   Follows directions
·   Sometimes takes turns
·   Sometimes shares materials
·   Sometimes allows for different ideas
·   Sometimes follows directions
·     Unable to take turns
·     Grabs for materials
·     Argues with others
·     Needs help from adults to follow directions
·   Follows rules
·   Uses respectful language
·   Waits to speak until called on
·   Makes space for others
·   Cares for materials

·   Needs reminders to follow rules
·   Sometimes shows respect
·   Sometimes interrupts learning
·   Sometimes allows space
·   Needs reminders to care for materials
·     Unable to follow rules without assistance
·     Uses insulting words or gestures
·     Often interrupts learning
·     Crowds or pushes
·     Destroys or loses materials
Hard Working & Resourceful

·   Begins assignments without reminders
·   Finishes work in a timely manner
·   Corrects mistakes
·   Accepts challenge to work beyond required tasks
·   Sometimes needs reminders to start
·   Some incomplete work
·   Relies on teacher to correct mistakes
·     Unable to begin assignments alone
·     Many missing or incomplete assignments
·     Unable or unwilling to correct mistakes

·   Takes responsibility for actions
·   Tries to solve problems
·   Accepts consequences

·   Sometimes places blame for actions on others
·   Asks or relies on adults to solve most problems
·   Sometimes argues about consequences
·     Blames others for actions
·     Expects adults to solve most problems
·     Unable to accept consequences
·   Keeps school supplies organized
·   Puts name & date on all assignments
·   Returns homework
·   Uses folders/binders to keep papers organized
·   Returns Homework Folder daily, with papers emptied

·   Keeps some school supplies organized in containers
·   Puts name on assignment
·   Sometimes returns homework
·   Sometimes uses folder/binder to organize papers
·   Sometimes returns Homework Folder to school, with some papers emptied
·     School supplies are messy or missing
·     Name and date are frequently missing
·     Rarely returns homework
·     Folders/binders are messy or missing
·     Rarely returns homework folder to school or papers are not emptied

Nine more on Monday and four on Tuesday! 

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