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Friday, November 4, 2011

Building Tradition

New marriage, new town, new jobs, new house, new life. With our life traveling faster than we can keep up with in the direction of the future, it  is hard impossible to hold on to all our own separate family traditions. In the last couple months Chris and I started discussing the holidays and what that would look like between his family and mine. Though we want to please everyone, that is near impossible and not the expectation we are held to. There comes a time in life where you branch off into your own adventure and for this reason this year Chris and I have decided to step into the new world of tradition making.

This month I will be attempting to host my very first Thanksgiving. We're excited and giddy about this but my goodness am I intimidated! I've been in the kitchen countless times with my mother prepping for this day but we all know it is never as good as mom's. I'd love for you all to be a part of this journey with me! Pointers and tips are graciously welcomed!

We're also kick starting the tradition of attending plays in seattle on Christmas Eve. This year at 1:40pm Chris and I will be seated in the 5th Avenue theater anxiously awaiting for our theatrical experience of Cinderella.

We're excited for this journey together, establishing what our children will experience as tradition and possibly choose to hold onto and build off of. 

What are some of the traditions you have built? 


  1. Growing up, we used to go ice skating on Christmas Eve, or skiing... Same deal with me and Allen this year, too-- my family lives about 15 minutes away, and I'm super close with them. His family is a few hours away, and he's not super-duper close, just normal. :-P So, naturally, I want to do everything for the holidays exactly the same! But he doesn't particularly feel the need to. We'll have to figure out what to do. But I like your idea of starting to establish new traditions. :) Things gotta change sometimes!

  2. I wish I was good at either of those... both scare me now... Let me know if you host for the holidays and if you've stumbled across any yummy treats!


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