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Saturday, November 26, 2011

4 Leftover Turkey Friendly Recipes

I felt it only appropriate to poke around for some low fat recipes to utilize the rest of our 19lb turkey leftovers. Here are a few the tickled my taste buds, simple to make, and had great reviews. Click the title under the photo to go to the recipe.

Broccoli Turkey Supreme

Stuffed Green Pepper Soup Recipe~ 263 calories per cup

Turkey Dumpling Stew Recipe~ 299 calories per cup
I wouldn't make the drop biscuits though, make the biscuits you love in your home. If you don't have a biscuit recipe, let me know!

Turkey Enchiladas Recipe~ 284 calories per enchilada

The last recipe is one that I'm going to dabble with tonight. I'll be making a White Turkey Chili (I made it! check it out!) recipe based off of this recipe. What are you plans with your leftover turkey?

Thanks Taste of Home!


  1. Aww, the links aren't working!

    Allen always requests his mom's Turkey Enchilada recipe, which I have since stolen (and which may or may not be similar to the one you referenced...). I plan on making them tomorrow! Even though I don't eat the turkey (vegetarian), the sauce (which I HAVE to "check" while making them) sure is tasty!

  2. OOPS, thanks for letting me know! I meant to say the 'title under the the picture.' Fixed it. :) Hope this helps you!


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