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Saturday, November 12, 2011

3D Paper {Christmas} Garland

Back in my Japan life I came across some gorgeous paper crafted garland. During my many trips to the craft store in the downtown Yokosuka mall I'd contemplate on whether or not I should by a paper punch (they're twice as expensive in Japan compared to the states, and they are expensive here!).

Daiei mall downtown Yokosuka on Tokyo Bay. 

I eventually decided I should probably forgo the paper punch and wait till I was back in the States. Well the time to purchase a punch came last week! I'm making my garland for the Christmas tree! Though a touch time consuming, it's a no sweat craft that look more difficult than it truly is!

Here's a instructional video so you can make your own! And if you decide you don't want to take the time, check out my Etsy and message me! Have fun!

PS, please be kind about the picked off teal nail polish... It was a long week. :) 


  1. lol- i saw little stokely walk under the table :) I love it! I miss you, wish I could be crafting with you right now.

  2. Oh Stokely, he was really eyeing that garland! Some day we will have baby play dates where our kids rule the house and get into everything while we are distracted by our crafting and ridiculous conversations. :)


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