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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins and being Pinterested

As young as I can remember I absolutely loved drawing wood grain. I'm sure it branches (haha, sorry, I couldn't help it) from my fondness of trees (see 'about us'). Well, when poking around Pinterest I was Pinterested. Pinterested is what I've decided to call what happens when someone sees something on Pinterest s/he feels like s/he should have thought of first.

Last year Chris and I waited till a the day before Halloween to buy pumpkins... One sad (but loved) little pumpkin. This year however I think we over compensated when we picked out our pumpkins a couple weeks ago.

I painted and Christopher carved. I of course made the faux grain pumpkin and also experimented with masking tape.

I wish the seep under the tape as much as it did but it looks artsy right?... 

<3 this. Hubby is so creative! No Pinterest here! 
What was your fun pumpkin creation?!


  1. So cute Lena!!

  2. Lena omg these are amazing! I remember wayyy back when you had sketched something on your desk in class, and everyone liked it so much the teacher wanted it left on there... Something along those lines I have a horrible memory. I just know you have always been talented and I enjoy your work!! Thanks for I want to try this out ha. :)

  3. I remember that! Ms. Haugen, 7th grade block. I was terrified I was going to get in trouble... Thanks for the flashback and compliment! You should totally give it a try!


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