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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Need for {just for fun} Goals

"Do you ever just sit?" That is what my mom asked me a few months ago when she came and stayed with us for a few days. The answer to that question is simply rarely. I'm always antsy, motivated by the feeling that something needs/could/should be done. Fortunately staying busy and having projects relaxes me, but only if there is a balance of the types of projects.

Since the 7th of September I have been working around the clock (partially slowing down last week while sick) with all sorts of classroom, curriculum, kindergarten, children, focused projects. Many essential to my job but quite a bit not so much, just desired. Though I have had many fabulous projects like apple week (where we actually made dehydrated apples and applesauce in class), creating file folder games for word work, decorating a classroom, drafting newsletters, making Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees and such, I have found myself rather drained post September. Looking back on the month, yes I was busy with fun exciting projects but not any just for fun, not any just for me. 

This weekend Chris bought me a fabulous gift as a congratulations. While in the store it took everything inside of me to hold it together and not flip out with excitement (wanted to play it cool...) but afterwards I felt incredibly guilty- was that responsible? I shared my mixed emotions with Christopher to which he assured me that it's necessary to treat yourself every now and then (mindfully) for your hard work. He explained to me that if all people ever did was work to solely pay bills and invest, well, a lot of the joy would be removed from the work. 

For the month of October my goal is to take this wisdom and apply it to how I spend my time. Thus, actually making time for DIY home projects, crafting galore, kitchen experimentations: embracing creativity. The sub goals include: {1} finishing the buffet {2} refurbishing a night stand that I have not shared with you {3} make some more progress on the pumpkin filled radio flyer painting I have been working on for over a year (not because it is that awesome but because I paint tiny bits at a time...) {4} new Etsy listing {5} sew an apron {6} return to my long lost joy of jewelry making {7} Whatever I or we would like to do. 

What are you goals this month?

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