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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome to My New (Primary) Home

My kindergarten room that is! I wish I had taken some pictures before I began setting up the classroom the day before school started. Even if I thought about it, I probably wouldn't have had any time to do so since I was trying to find more time anywhere I could get it! 

It's nice to be at a point where the once empty room looks like a kindergarten room but can continue to flourish in cuteness and color over the school year! 

To welcome me into my new classroom my mom sent me a sweet care package decorated with wrapping paper and stamps! Inside my mom had sent a box of 'When I Grow Up... ABC Flashcards' and my own kindergarten photo! 

I shared my kindergarten photo with my students and they asked me what my name was when I was their age. When I told them it was 'Lena' one of my students responded, "oh, then you changed your name!" Yep, that is exactly what happened. :) So cute. 


  1. It's weird to think that kindergarten Lena is the Lena I met!

  2. What a bright, colorful room! Once upon a time (ok, only a few years ago), I wanted to be an elementary school teacher (I had a class in High School that involved going to a local elementary school a couple times a week, where we were mentors in a classroom all year; I was in 1st grade, I loved it!).... Looks like a blast!

  3. I hear ya Tracey! Do you remember what we did in Kindergarten?... Brainstorming ideas!

  4. If you ever wanna come hangout Rosanne as a volunteer in my room you are more than welcome! :)


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