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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kindergarten Open House

What does it look like?! What do I do?! What do they do?! What should be out?! What do the kids share?! These were just the tip of the iceberg of questions I had floating around my head concerning open house. Last year I held an open house with my mentor teacher as a student teacher so I have experience one, but that was at the 4th grade level... I decided I would try and make it similar to the curriculum day I held during my 4th grade long term sub job last year which basically consisted of stations or areas.

Apple juice to go with our apple themed week! 

Apple shaped cupcakes! 

Sign in, conference and volunteer sign up! 

I shared the activities with my students at the end of the school day before the open house. This helped with smooth transitions into the classroom for the event! When the students came in they immediately walked their parents towards a table or place that they remembered from our talk! Making the open house about the students being the host took a load of pressure off me and also gave me the freedom to float around and touch base with all guardians. It was a fabulous and enjoyable evening.

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  1. LOVE the classroom, i had a tree last year and the students loved it! i bet your students are so enjoying you as a teacher!


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