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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wool Felt Pear Ornament Giveaway!

Do those colors look familiar?! Yes, you have seen them before here! 

 I cannot explain it, but those fabrics made me think pear ornaments.

After a few sketches, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I'm actually quite pleased as how these sweet little pears turned out!

These charmers are now listed on my Etsy but like the Matryoshka dolls, all you fabulous people get a chance to receive a set of these lovely pears for free! 

Here's to my second giveaway! Win them for yourself, or for a friend!

If you see these as a great addition to your home/Christmas decor, or find them to be just the perfect gift for a friend, try your chances at this giveaway! Here’s how to win:
  • Leave a comment on this post sharing what your favorite Christmas ornament is! {1 entry}
  • Follow the Root&Blossom! To receive e-mail updates of new blog posts click subscribe up in the top right corner. OR you can click 'Join this Site' under followers. For more detailed instructions about following, read this blog I wrote on how to do so! Pictures are included!  {1 entry}
  • If you already follow or subscribe to Root&Blossom, leave a comment telling me something fun about yourself. I love learning about you! {1 entry}
  • 'Like' Root&Blossom on facebook, click here! If you already are, tell me! {1 entry}
  • Share this giveaway on a social network, (easiest way is to click the facebook or twitter icon at the bottom of the blog) comment saying you did so!).  {1 entry} 
  • Blog about our giveaway and leave a comment (and link) letting us know that you did so! {1 entry}
Count it up, each person is able to have FIVE entries! Wow! Because of the holiday coming up, this giveaway will be open until Monday evening! One week to get your entries in! Good luck!


  1. them! They are so sweet :-)

  2. I am amazed at your clever design! Lovely.

  3. My favorite ornament is a blown glass unicorn my uncle got for me when I was a kid. I loved unicorns and it was so special at the time... every year when I get it out, I feel the excitement all over again!

  4. Carlie, that ornament sounds amazing! I imagine it will be quite the treasure to pass down through the generations. :)

  5. I posted to my blog about your giveaway! :) (

    And I thought I had already "liked" rootandblossom on facebook, but apparently not. My bad. I have, now! :)

    Favorite ornament: good heavens, I can't decide. But there's a here's the top 3 favorites that come to mind. One is a little raccoon, hanging off of a little string of bells, that you hang across multiple branches. I always wanted to be the one to hang him up, because he was so cute and unique! I also love a pair of porcelain ballet shoes, that my grandma got for me when I was probably around 4 years old. I used to LOVE ballet when I was younger, and they always seemed to delicate and beautiful to me. And finally, another from my grandma, a set of three glass bells, I think made out of some special Norwegian glass? They always got put at the very top of the tree, since they were so breakable! :)

    AND since these are ADORABLE (and my mom loves pears, and I'd have to share one with her if I won), I'll share fun fact since I already follow your blog: I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Could you tell? I listen to Christmas music year round (although I don't admit it until around July, since people will always make fun of me), and everything about it just makes me so happy and giddy! I could probably name every single ornament growing up and call it my favorite. :) The majority of the crafts I work on all year, especially in the summer, are Christmas-related. I go to craft stores JUST to look at the Christmas stuff coming in ;)


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