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Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Day, Two Weddings, Three Friends

This Saturday my very sweet friend Kim met Chris and I in Kitsap for a Saturday filled with weddings! 

We kicked started the trip with the wonderful little farmer's market near the Kingston Ferry terminal. Kim was initiated into being a Kitsap county ferry rider by experiencing running to the ferry. As we meandered through the booths eating our ice cream Chris noticed the the ferry had arrived and cars were loading! Oops! We ran back to the waiting zone and there sat our car, all alone in its lane as cars a few lanes over were loading. 

Wedding number one was a 3 o'clock country wedding in the family field up north in Woodinville. 

Wedding number two was at 7 o'clock in Puyallup. A gorgeous backyard wedding was the setting of choice for friends Corey and Alayna. 

Happy tears
Unforgettable memories 

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