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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hike Review: Mount Townsend

This was my second time reaching the 6,280ft Mount Townsend summit, Chris's first, and said to be the most hiked summit in the Olympics.

Mount Townsend is located out passed Quilcene, Washington in the Olympic Mountains.

The hike begins with a journey through old growth, switchbacking right from the beginning.

After skipping over several stream beds, trees thin out on the trail revealing meadows of wild flowers and striking views of snow capped mountains above the Puget Sound.

Once above the tree line there is one last stretch of trail to power up before reaching the ridge summit.

The views the summit provides are unimaginable and unbelievable to those who stand in front of them.

With a turn of your head from left to right you will see Victoria, San Juan Islands, Canadian Cascade Mountains, Mount Baker, Twin Sisters, Glacier, Seattle, Cascades, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Hood Canal Bridge, Ferries, Port Townsend, Banger Base, and so much more!

 Round trip the Mount Townsend trail is 8.2 miles with a 2,900ft elevation gain.

My ONLY complaint about the trail is how it wears on my knees during the decent.

I took a few pointers from other fellow hikers and found it necessary to walk backwards down a few switchbacks to ease the pounding on my joints. 

I'm hoping that this hike will become a summer tradition for us!

I didn't just stumble upon this hike, my friend Tricia introduced me! However we do own a fabulous hiking book for the Olympic Peninsula (we bought ours at Barnes and Noble, titled Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula) where we date and highlight trails we have conquered! 

It's a fun way for us to keep track of the land we have explored in our beautiful surroundings.

Do you have any hikes (in Washington and else were!) that you would recommend?! 

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  1. Robin Lakes in the Central Cascades is a favorite. It's an overnight trip, but you get to hang out with mountain goats and set up your tent here:

  2. OH MY WORD Ben! HAVE to put that hike on my list! THANKS!


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