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Monday, August 1, 2011

Color Direction and Burlap Wreath Sneak-Peek

These are three canvas painting I scored at Ross back when we moved in for about $10 (not each, for all!)! They are about 12" squares that seem to be painted specifically for our family room! Not too matchy-matchy and just the perfect touch of accent color.

When I mentioned 'wreath' I had some awesome ideas tossed my way incorporating laundry pins and book pages (both on my list of things to do). However, I might have had a tiny idea I was already flirting with... well sorta, but not really. I did know though that I wanted to us some of the leftover burlap that has been floating around since the wedding a year ago!

I'm calling it a 'Puffed Burlap Wreath'!  It's my attempt at replicating a burlap wreath I found in google images. Oh, and in case you are wondering, it's not finished yet. Stay tuned as I continue on the project but more importantly check back in for a 'Puffed Burlap Wreath' DIY post! 

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