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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tardy Thankful Thursday {5}

Boy oh boy has this week cruised by and what a week it was! This past week Chris and I spent more time apart due to his school then the weeks before but we also had the longest length of time together since I don't know when! Last weekend Chris spent almost all his time at work, the most beautiful weekend of the Year! At 6:30am on Saturday I got a kiss on the cheek and and a, "see you in a few hours." That afternoon we attended a wedding before he went back to work.

We were very thankful for this wedding. As I mentioned before, I adore weddings but this one was especially a treat because Chris and I were pleasantly surprised by sweet people in our lives who were in attendance. We went to the wedding thinking we weren't going to know anyone, not the case! So fun.

Directly after the wedding I dropped Chris back off at work for a few more hours. When I picked him up later that evening I ran into my old pastor and his fabulous family. Such a blessing to not only catch up with them at the wedding but then see them again later! Much comfort. Chris took me out to dinner and then dessert that night. Bittersweet weekend, much time apart but quality time together.

At the Bremerton waterfront on a beautiful evening. 

We enjoy watching the Bremerton-Seattle ferries come and go.

Tuesday Mr. Christopher had a doctors appointment up in Bellingham. Christopher took Tuesday off from work and we headed up to B-ham Monday morning. This was the first time in weeks that we have spent a full 24 hours together, seemed surreal to actually have a large chunk of time with him! Beautiful trip north: breakfast with Grandma, catching up with his dad (JUST got back from Germany, mom was still there), visiting Hardware Sales for the first time ever (hands down the best hardware store in the world I am convinced), gelato date in Fairhaven, and games on the ferry.

Kingston-Edmond ferry fun!

With all the chaos of life, it sure is good for me to remind myself of the sweet moments that can easily get lost in the mix. Unfortunately there are weeks, like this week, when the lows outnumber the highs... BUT that just leaves me thankful for the Lord's beautiful creation he has blessed us with, incredibly calming to my spirit.

One of my favorite places, Scenic Beach in Seabeck

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