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Monday, July 11, 2011

Road-tripping and Wedding Fun!

This past weekend there was a wedding in the Tri-Cites (Washington), roughly 4.5 hours from where I live, what did this boil down to with a husband who had to stay home and study?!? Day road-trip with my sweet friend Tricia! Hands down the best road trip experience ever: music consisted of everything from Wicked soundtrack to Bieber with T.Swift, Shakira, Mumford and Sons, Glee and many more in-between!

Though Tric and I have traveled across the state of Washington more times than we can count (both of us are Washington State University Alumni, GO COUGS!), neither of us have seen the southern half of central/eastern Washington. Amazing to start out trip on the Puget Sound, travel though the rain forest, cross the Cascade Mountain range covered in snow, and then find ourselves in the dessert. 

Me saying I love weddings is a complete understatement. Everything within me bubbles up with excitement and exits me through squeals, giggles, and of course tears. I was very honored to witness the marriage of Tyler and Sarah. 

It was however, rather sad that my husband could not attend. There were several very near and dear friends in attendance at the wedding who we have not seen since the fall of 2010! 

Tricia and I lost track of time with the laughter and dancing and wound up not leaving the Tri-Cities until about 9pm! Thankfully it was a surprisingly quick 4+ hour drive back home filled with more singing, dancing, and wonderful heartfelt conversation. 

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