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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Room Update and Mantel Business

When we first saw our house this is what the family room looked like:

Then we moved in and it looked like this...

My first house guest! My first night in the house was while hubby was in Japan, best friend Mo to the rescue of a lonely wife in a big new house! 

And then this...

Yes, I am watching the bachelorette. 

And now this:

Let us take a closer look at that mantel shall we?

This must be fixed. Let's see what kind of DIY project I can put together to continue the improvement progression of our sweet little family room. Any mantel advice? Direction? I have some awesome wooden pictures frames I'm flirting with as well as a foam wreath I'm itching to incorporate into something.


  1. If you're wanting to incorporate the foam wreath in with the pictures/cards, this might be something you'd be interested in:

    Just switch the colors to something that compliments your home :)

  2. Or you could try this for the foam wreath. I'm in the process of making one myself.


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