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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baking for '6 Feet of Sunshine and Rainbows'!

That would be my sweet friend Tricia, a 6 foot gorgeous blonde who enjoys gallivanting through the world in her Chocos and colorful clothing. Tric just finished up a highly intensive one year Masters degree program where she studied International Public Service and Development and in a few short weeks she'll be off to El Salvador where she will work for two years with the Peace Corps.

This weekend was her Bon Voyage party thrown by her wonderful parents, who by the way my husband and I have adopted as mama and papa too! What do you bake for a friend as awesome as Tricia, a secret rainbow cake!

Each box of Betty Crocker cake batter has six cups of batter. Make two boxes and separate batter into six bowls containing two cups of batter each. Mix in enough liquid food coloring to obtain the desired color (I used almost all of the red to make the red layer actually red and not pink!). I used 9" baking pans and baked each layer for 20 minutes. Layer cakes from bottom of the rainbow up, frosting in between each layer and there you have it!

It was wonderful having my lovely friend Monique over before the party for not only company but to also assemble, frost and decorate this six layers of goodness!

It was a lovely evening of dancing, giggling, and smiles. 

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