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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Conquering Mount Zion

It was a Sunday afternoon and Chris and I wanted to redeem our crummy Saturday through the means of hiking. We had church 9-10 and I was leaving for a dance marathon fundraiser in Seattle at 4:30, so we had roughly a five hour window to travel and hike. Any decent hike is at least an hour away up in the Olympics so Chris and I search for hikes on the Washington Trail Association website that were about an hour away that reached a peak. We were given two ideal options: Mount Walker and Mount Zion. Chris and I did the insane Mount Walker hike (1000 feet elevation gain per mile) at the end of last summer leaving us with the choice of Mount Zion. 

Okay, so Zion wasn't much of a mountain to conquer since it is only 2 miles to the top, but nevertheless it was our first hike of the summer.

These are the hiking boots we bought with our REI dividend for the year! They are Keens we found on super discontinued clearance! Though they left the back of my ankles a little sore at the end of the hike, they left no blisters and provided incredible support! I'm hoping the sore back of the ankles is just part of breaking them in! It was nice being able to hike through mud without getting my feet wet and cold like what would happen in my tennis shoes. 

The trail was lined with Rhododendrons but unfortunately the only ones in bloom were the ones at the trailhead. Chris and I decided that we need to make a trip back to Mount Zion in a few weeks when they are all in bloom!

The sweetest moment of the hike was actually running into one of the teachers who works at the school I taught at this spring. After a year this area is starting to feel like home. 

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