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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pre-Easter Extravaganza

Yesterday my husband and I made a trip up the mountain to visit my mom and step-dad. Yes, it really is, ‘over the river and through the woods to mother’s house we go.’
(This is what the road look like for about 6 miles)
Upon arrival we were greeted with fresh bread and easter eggs!
(I mentioned to my mom last week that I may be bringing a friend with to join us, and with out another word about it my sweet-near-to-my-heart mother made her an Easter egg!)
Visiting my mother’s can be more refreshing than an afternoon nap in the grass on a warm summer day. You can’t help but feel loved and cared for when my mom smiles, and she is always smiling. Mama put me into tears of joy within minutes of arrive home… For my graduation present she wanted to take all my college shirts and put them into a quilt. But you need to know this about my mother, she had polio when she was 2, which she received from the vaccine. Due to this heart breaking event at such a young age, my mom suffers from carpal tunnel, among other conditions. Mama loves to quilt, but it’s a slow process because her fingers and wrists give out and produce much pain for her, yet slowly but surely she’ll put all her love into a beautiful gift. She apologized for not having it finished yet, finished or not, it still made me cry when I saw it because my mom made it for me and I know that every cut and stitch was out of her selfless love and care for me.
The afternoon with filled with food, dominos, and humming birds, and giggles!
(Dessert #1: Sunshine cake! I haven’t personally make this in two years and I don’t know why! Some of the ingredients included mashed mandarin oranges, pine-apple chunks, cool whip, and a box of yellow cake mix! Easy, refreshing, and wonderful.)
(Dessert #2: Double-Layered-Frosting-Chocolate-Cake! I forgot about this delightful chocolate cake from my childhood! I’m not much of a chocolate cake person but I approve of this one! I’ll have to make it sometime in the future!)
(Mexican Train)
Chris and I haven’t been that silly together in a long time. It’s always so hard to say bye to my mom at the end of a visit. We talk most days of the week but that’s not the same as getting her hugs and love in person. She is my greatest model of selfless love, the type of love Christ calls us to have upon this earth.
Chris and I ended the day with another BBQ at our friends Brandon and Ashley’s. For lunch at my mom’s it was ribs and for dinner at B&A’s it was steak! Such a glorious day was unheard of until now! Much like we started the day, we finished it with good-for-the-soul laughter and quality time.
(I tried York peppermint patty s’mores and Reeces peanut butter cup s’mores for first time! Thanks Clark and Mikaela!)
Today we are blessed with the company of Christopher’s mom and dad! They came down from Bellingham last night and are going to attend church with us this morning. What did your Easter weekend look like? Any family traditions? Hope it was fabulous!
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