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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Over the House We Don't Quite Own Yet...

I’m not going to hide from it because you’re going to find out soon enough, but I asked Chris an unimaginable question, “can we paint the kitchen cabinets white?” Actually it went a little more like this,
“You know the solid oak cabinets in the kitchen?”
“What about them?”
“Can we paint them white?…”
“Yeah, I don’t really like the way they look, and I’ve always wanted white cabinets.”
It has to be a guy thing, the thought of painting over oak doesn’t phase me (or girl friends I have talked to), but to guys… wow, it seriously seems unthinkable. However, Chris views the kitchen and me like him and the garage, it’s my haven and he wants it the way I desire it to be. WHICH MEANS, painting the solid oak cabinets white. :) This will be the first project we do! As soon as we are in the house, off come the cabinet doors and the process begins! We’ve been reading up on it, sounds like quite the process, however far cheaper to put hours into it rather than buying new cabinets. Personalizing our house is all going to be about keeping it reasonable and low-budget. Here are some pictures of kitchens I’ve been swooning over:

Obviously none of these are a goal, but each spark an idea and inspiration for our new kitchen!

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