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Friday, March 4, 2011

May I Live in a Blossom Park, Please.

Cherry blossoms are the ‘big thing’ around here but I don’t want to look over Plum blossom season! I know there has to be plum blossoms around here somewhere so I went on my own internet search this morning before Chris woke up! Sure enough I found a Plum blossom orchard/park in Yokosuka! Though I ‘found’ it, I didn’t really ‘find’ it. I knew of it but it took Christopher’s Google maps skills to located this wonderful place!
We were supposed get up, get ready, and be out the door in a smooth fashion in order to achieve as much time as possible together this morning on a pre-work blossom garden date. Here’s what actually went down… I woke up early and Chris slept in (which I wanted him to) but I showered the previous evening and he didn’t. While Chris was showering I went to make his lunch and grabbed the tomato soup filled butter tub instead of the butter filled butter tub, dropped it and caught tomato soup in my eyes (yes it burned), in the cowl neck of my new cream sweater, jeans, and new lightweight antique pink jacket. I made Christopher’s sandwiches and learned we were out of zip lock baggies. We left the house and had to return because we forgot the garbage and my fleece, left the second time and then had to return home again for my book… On the third trip I noticed how horribly my boots were making my bad knee pop, Chris wanted us to go back so I could change shoes but I told him that I didn’t want to make a third trip home.
The park wasn’t as conveniently located as I thought, we had to take three different trains on two different lines, walk about 20 minutes and then climb over 300 stairs, but it was unquestionably worth it.
(Bamboo forest! Some of them were 4″ in diameter!)
(A couple having a picnic under a tree, too precious.)
(Tokyo Bay! The weather was so clear that we could actually see the Tokyo Tree Tower!)
(The most perfect looking day!)
Chris and I are going to go back next week when more of the buds bloom! I couldn’t imagine it getting any prettier than this though!
I wanted to hangout downtown and catchup with my friend Mikaela but I just wasn’t doing too well. My head hurt and my energy was completely depleted. It got so bad that Chris had to take off ahead of me to make it to work on time. He felt bad for leaving me behind but I didn’t mind since it was impossible for me to keep up.
As I was walking through the park I saw a woman wearing a long dark brown fur jacket, caramel  fur hat, and a purple scarf that complimented her blue hair. She was off in the distance feeding the pigeons. She saw me watching her and I bowed as I continued walking. From the distance I heard, “you with the Navy?” She was addressing me! Oh how I love park conversations with people I do not know! When I told her that I wasn’t in the Navy she asked me who I was modeling for in Japan, “I just thought since you in good shape.”. This always makes me giggle, I told her I was just being a wife while my husband is here to work! She told me about how her daughter was a model in Japan. This trailed off into her telling me how she studied english in Tokyo, lived in Beijing, England, Belgium, and now here. Her husband was from Belgium but died several years ago. After his death she lost her house and now lives in an apartment. She shared her heart about how she misses her husband and wishes she can move back to England. She spends her days walking the park and feeding the pigeons, you should have seen how her face lit up with joy and peace over the company of those birds at her feet. After some time she began apologizing for talking to me, or ‘interrupting me’ is how she put it. In response I thanked her, thanked her for stopping me to chat and told her it way my pleasure, that it brought joy to my day.
I hardly made it home, took all of the little I had to power my legs to the train. I taxied home from Kitikurihama and took the rest of the day real slow. Hoping it was just an off day and not some weird sick bug.

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