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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Freshly Pressed?!?!?!!! A Joyous Morning.

(There is our blog, middle on the bottom. I enjoy my husbands tabs displayed:, his new Facebook status, and his googling how what ‘Freshly Pressed’ is.)
We woke up this morning with the same old workweek routine. Chris and I woke up, hung out in bed for a bit then went to the couch, grabbed our laptops and caught up on what was happening in the world as we slept. My gmail tab jumped to over one hundred messages, 70 more than I expected to cumulate over the night. Curious without any idea as to what had happened I clicked the tab. Well this didn’t help at all because my account was filled with, ‘Manage RootandBlossom comments.’ Oh no, was I spammed?! Quickly I clicked over to my blog, the views read over 1,259! Definitely spam, shoot! I hesitantly went to the comments section in order to start permanently deleting nonsense posts. To my surprise the comments were all genuine, loving, personal notes! This complicated my confusion, “Chris, they are real, how did this happen?!” A few comments from a couple of my wonderful visitors congratulated me on ‘FP.’ I’m embarrassed to admit that I had not a clue as to what that meant. Chris started googling FP, “I think it means foreign policy?…” Nope, don’t think that’s right Chris, I told him to google ‘blogging’ and FP and all that turned up was blogs about foreign policy! FINALLY someone said ‘freshly pressed’ in their comment and Chris was all over that! He found it! We figured out what had happened to the blog and we were overjoyed! Our blog was one of the few chosen to be featured on the WordPress  ( main page! After I yelled “WHAT?!?!” more times than necessary we laughed, sang praises to Jesus, and Chris picked me up and twirled me around in our kitchen. It was a beautiful surprise and thanks to all of you who created this moment for us! I welcome you to subscribe to my blog by submitting your e-mail address in the designated area on the right hand toolbar where it says, ‘sign me up!’ I will be continuing to share our life through words and pictures in this space and hope to get glimpses of yours along the way. Thank you.

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