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Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7: Class ‘A’ People Watching Location

I snuck out of the hotel room in the morning while Chris was sleeping to hit up the gym! This is the first time in the last five years of my life that I haven’t had access to a gym and it has been over two months since I have worked out in one! I had a refreshing morning catching up with my old friends Stairmaster and treadmill. I watched the expected rainfall outside but assumed that the weather would clear up and warm up.

When Chris and I headed to breakfast with Clark and Mikaela guess what we saw, snow. Yep, white, heavy, wet stuff coming down fast and hard. Chris and I were not the least bit surprised, every trip we have taken has included snow: NikkoSapporoBeijing, and now Tokyo.
It was hard to decided what to do today. I did not bring a warm jacket because the weather was ‘supposed’ to be nice, so this meant more inside activities. Chris and I got really excited about poking around the National museum, until we learned it was closed on Mondays. Clark suggested hanging out at the Starbucks next to Shibuya station to people watch. Okay, so without knowing anything about Shibuya this might not sound too spectacular, but the crosswalk there is one of the busiest crosswalks in the world! I’ve heard many different numbers as to how many people cross there each day and have not read anything credible online. I do know that during each crossing on a wet Monday afternoon, there was an easy 600 people during each crossing.
(Yep, that’s my handsome husband! Wow-wie!)
(This is one of the most popular Starbucks in the world!)
Unique clothing we spotted from up top:
We also saw several camera crews trying to grab interviews with people in the crowds. We played, “who fits the profile,” and tried to guess who was going to get nagged for an interview before it happened.
On a side note, here’s a sign we saw in the subway, not sure what this is supposed to say/mean/imply…
After a lovely afternoon of people watching we headed back to the hotel to relax away our day, which meant swimming and hot tubing. Clark and Mikaela left come evening and Chris and I went to dinner. Just like the hotel rates are beyond reasonable, so are the dinner prices. Chris and I took advantage of this with him ordering a 10oz sirloin and I ordering a 6oz filet minion, yum!
Tomorrow we hope to get out and explore a little more. However we’ve also talked about just heading home. This trip has already been rejuvenating, no need to push it!

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