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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mom Lovin Hop no.45!

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If you are a fan of the Root&Blossom FB page you would have seen that I'll most likely be flying home by myself in a little over 2 weeks. Beside the fact that I hate flying, a 10 hour flight with a 30lb lap passenger with my varicose veins and sciatic nerve issues sounds pretty horrible. Buying Gabriel his own ticket would set us back a few grand (no joke) so not really an options. Worse things have happened and haven't lost complete hope yet in flying as a family. I'll be interested in what the doctor says about it all next week, he after all has last say when it comes to me flying 6 months pregnant. 

On another note don't miss the $105 cash giveaway going on right now! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


'Haa.' Gabriel loves trying on hats in stores. 
It has been one of those mommy days were I just want to throw in the towel and quit. Much of being a mom that should understandable wear my thin doesn't really phase me or stress me out but whining is something I have very little tolerance for. Gabriel isn't much of a whiner but when he's cutting four teeth at one time that changes. To try and preserve some grace and calm in my heart I thought I'd focus on something I just adore about Gabriel right now, is pronunciation.

Gabriel is at a place in development where he will try to repeat any word we ask him to. He has quite a few words down pat but many are words I doubt anyone else could identify than us. Inspired by a sweet blogger friend who shares her 'Fernversations' I thought it would be fun to share just snippet of the awesome language of Gabriel.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sensoji Temple- Asakusa, Tokyo

Back in February we needed to burn time before riding the futurist water bus to Odiaba so we took a quite visit to the Sensoji Temple. Sensoji Temple is Tokyo's oldest temple, founded in 645 C.E.  

Over $100 (PayPal) Cash Giveaway!

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Hi friends new and old! I'm excited to be able to offer you yet another spring Giveaway! I know exactly what I'd do with $105- I'd put it towards all those yard projects I've mentioned! Oh yes, I said money! Check it out below, entering to win over $100 couldn't be easier, especially if you already follow me on BlogLovin, Facebook, and Twiter- that's 3 entries right there! Good luck to all my wonderful readers!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dinner Menu Shake Up!

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Do you ever feel like you're making the same meals over and over? We definitely get that way, especially when life gets busy and it's just simpler to stick to meals you know.

With moving back to The States in about a month (give or take a week or so) I'm trying to be creative in how I use up the food in our pantry the most efficient and effective way possible. Because of this task we've added some pretty awesome new dinners to our meal rotation! So awesome there was no way I couldn't possibly NOT share them with you.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Front and Backyard Dreamin'.

If you follow me on Pinterest you know whats been on my mind... It's not only that time of the year but that time of our trip. We're about four weeks from flying back home so my mind is swimming with what to do with our yard, love working in the sun! Unfortunately the budget dictates how much we actually get done but the timeline (baby's due date) does more so. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mom Lovin Hop no.44

Guys, I get to start mailing stuff home next week, NEXT WEEK! We're currently prioritizing our summer projects and purchases, one of which being a NEW BED! When we got married we had Chris' old college bed. A couple years into marriage some friends of ours were giving away their old bed and we picked it up for the guest room until we laid on it and realized that their old bed was better than ours.... So now after sleeping on our friends' toss-out for a couple years we finally decided we should get a new bed, oh and it shall be king sized!

Guest Co-Host this week, V from Sprout's House

V is a teacher, wife and mother to a very girly little four year old! She blogs about restoring their victorian cottage to its former glory, DIY, recipes and the moments of life! Thanks for co-hosting this week V! 

If you are interested in co-hosting FOR FREE shoot Hannah an email at hannahsjoyfullife (at) to get on the list, growing your followers couldn't be easier! 

Our featured mama this week is Meg from Me With the Three

First off, I just want to hop in and live in Megs' blog, so chic! She is mama to two boys and married to her best friend. She blogs about the essentials- photography, food, crafts, family and Jesus. She loves photography and you can see that in her space, looking through her photos makes your feel like you're living those moments right along side her family.

Here we go! Don't forget to... 
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Joyful Life

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