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Monday, August 25, 2014

41 Weeks Pregnant

Well folks, we did it again! Here we are once more at 41 weeks pregnant. As I mentioned before though we were given 2 due dates but either way I'm now officially passed my due date no matter which date you use (8/16 or 8/23). Honestly neither of us were too terribly surprised that my due date came and went without a baby, after all the whole date of baby's birth is based off a bell curve ranging from 37-42 weeks and since I went 10 days passed my due date with Gabriel we kind of figured in the back of our minds we'd be about the same this time around too.

In my first pregnancy I remember every day passed my due date to be very emotionally draining and exhausting since not only was I reminding myself every day that there still was no baby but so were about 20 other people through texting, phone calls, social media, and the likes! There was no escaping it and that was hard- it was as if everyone and their brother was afraid I was going to have the baby and they weren't going to find out. This time however though friends and family are just as excited, it's not my first child and it's not the first grandchild for some of the parents thus the number of 'check ins' is significantly less. This has been such a wonderful change since it has allowed me to go about my day focusing on enjoying the present and not be bothered/reminded by the fact that there still is no baby that everyone so terribly would love to meet.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Blueberry (Spinach) Snack Muffins

I love blueberry muffins, who doesn't?! In our household we go through muffins like no one's business because muffins tend to be our easy grab snack (between meals, on the go, in the stroller) yet most blueberry muffins are usually more of a dessert (i.e. Costco's 'cake' blueberry muffins, YUM!). Before I continue I want to make myself clear, there is NOTHING wrong with a scrumptious, sweet and oh-so delectable normal blueberry muffin but I'm not sure my stomach (or my toddler's stomach) could take 2-3 of those a day... which is how much we can sometimes eat. 

Because of this I decided to alter my Spinach and Carrot muffins to make some tasty yet somewhat nutritious (compared to other recipes) blueberry muffins! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gabriel's Second Birthday

Depending how long you've been around these parts you might remember that I put in a little work into Gabriel's first birthday. I didn't necessarily feel like I should, I did it more because it was a good excuse for me to finally try my hand at a crafty, DIY, themed birthday party!

Since I had so much fun putting it together and seeing how much everyone else enjoyed it, a few months ago I started daydreaming about what I'd get to put together this year for Gabriel. I had all these big and fun ideas for throwing a train themed party because our Japan frequenting child can't seem to get enough of them. Well, with my due date being the day after his birthday I had to get real with myself and accepted the fact that there was a high chance that after putting time and energy (neither of which I had much of being so pregnant with a toddler) it might not actually happen due to labor or recent labor.

I wish I could say it was easy for me to let go of the idea of gifting my son another lovely party but it wasn't. Making things, baking, and cooking for people is one of the ways I show love and not being able to do that (to the scale I was hoping, i.e. like the previous year) was hard for me. Why though? After all it was Gabriel's birthday (hello, not about me) and he was turning 2, and how much work does it take to make a 2 year old feel loved? Not much at all.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

An Open Letter to Gabriel


It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your 1st birthday and the day before that we were just meeting and introducing you to the world, and now tomorrow you'll be two. I don’t know what’s harder for me, realizing how fast the last two years have sped by or knowing that time is just going to move faster and faster. Though you’ll always be my baby boy, you most certainly are not a baby anymore.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

39 Week Pregnancy Update

How Far Along: 39 weeks... or is it 38? So I'm not sure if I've touched on this yet but we were given two due dates, one at 6 weeks along while in the US and one at 20 weeks along while in Japan. The due date we were given at 20 weeks is the one we decided to start using (August 16th) because it was what we thought our due date was based off of ovulation and conception. However, the US is still sticking to the due date I got at 6week because I never did a later ultrasound for them. What this basically boils down to is that since doctors let you go to 42 weeks before inducing we have a window of 0-4 weeks until baby... 4 weeks... yea that puts baby in September. SEPTEMBER. 

Feeling: It has been quite a week. Chris has worked a crazy load of overtime this week, waking up at 3am to leave for work, which resulted in him working himself sick by the end of the week. We have felt pretty spread thin recently since Chris' longer work days make my days longer as well and it just seems like we keep spiraling deeper and deeper into exhaustion. I remember being at this point with my first pregnancy, maternity leave and being up with a newborn actually sounds nicer, and based off of last time will be nicer to us than what is going on now. 

The weather has been staying pretty warm and getting hotter again. It was a hot summer two years ago but with that pregnancy I had gained more weight and I definitely don't feel as hot this time. 

As expected we're just feeling ready to be done. I waiver between being confident and anxious with the impending labor. I was unfortunately informed I'm GBS+ again which means that I'm not going to be able to labor much at home (if at all) since I need to get the antibiotics to protect baby. It also means that I'll most likely need an IV shuttle (huge stress and anxiety trigger for me) when I enter the hospital though I'm going to inquire about an injection antibiotic as an IV drip alternative.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Art Activity: Rock Painting and Little Life Lessons

With how much I enjoy arts and crafts I really thought creativity would be a natural part of my daily activities with my children... nope. Sure, Gabriel has access to crayons and coloring books at any given moment but I really thought I would be 'that mom' who always had an art project to do with her children. Sadly (or maybe realistically) I'm not.

Gabe loves painting and we did quite a bit of it while in Japan. I've been trying to buy him a set of washable Crayola paints here but between budgets and the paints being sold out at Target when I do wind up having extra budget money (they are always in stock at Michael's and JoAnn's but for ridiculously more, I'm frugal) I haven't been able to purchase any yet.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Top Five {Large} Kitchen Must Haves

You know how there is always talk about a man and his garage? I know from my personal marriage that my husband is always talking about his dream garage filled with all these tools that I don't know the difference between. Well, a kitchen to me is the same thing and like a man wants powerful and useful tools in his garage, I want the same for my kitchen.

Kitchen equipment is no where near as expensive as garage tools however somethings will still cost you a pretty penny, but I'm here to tell you that some of those high ticket items are more than worth it!

The follow is a list of my five favorite larger and more expensive kitchen items that range in price from $30-$500. 


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